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The Survey Process

The Quality Service Assurance Survey©

An integral component of the total service package rendered by the Quality Service Certified® professional is the use of The Quality Service Assurance Survey with every closed transaction. Following the closing of each home purchase or sale, an independent research company (Leading Research Corporation) sends the consumer this survey, which asks critical questions about the details and overall satisfaction of the service provided by the sales agent and broker.

Q Reports™

When the surveys are returned the results for each survey are stored in a data bank and then available as Q Reports™ in the QSC Members site. A Quality Service Certified practitioner is able to access only his or her own survey results on this web site. In some predetermined situations, a broker may be involved with the survey process and thus has access to the Q Reports™.

When a minimum number of surveys are returned, aggregated statistical data is displayed on the consumer web site in the form of a Customer Satisfaction Rating. The consumer web site will give home buyers and home sellers the opportunity to search for a local Quality Service Certified practitioner.

With feedback provided by the returned surveys, the practitioner is better able to evaluate and improve his or her service. Also, the practitioner’s ability to maintain the Quality Service Certified status rests with this service evaluation feedback.

Responsibility of the Quality Service Certified Practitioner

The Quality Service Certified practitioner is responsible for participating in The Quality Service Assurance Survey on every closed transaction. Within 30 days after the closing of each transaction, the practitioner reports to Quality Service Certification, Inc. the name and address of the client(s). Unless prior arrangements have been made between your broker and QSC, a Quality Service Certified practitioner visits the QSC Member site, logs-in, selects Buyer/Seller Update from the side menu bar and enters the required information. Required information includes; client type, salutation, first and last names, complete address (if you do not have their current address, the use of the sale property address has a good success rate due to USPS mail forwarding), and the date of closing. Please be accurate, as this survey is a further reflection on the quality of the service you provide. Do not use all capital letters or abbreviations. Once you have entered the buyer or seller information, QSC or its designated vendor will send the appropriate survey questionnaire.

To ensure the integrity of the Quality Service Certification® program and the Quality Service Certified professional status, the name of every buyer and seller must be submitted for the survey process. Consumers benefit from a higher form of accountability and professionals benefit and learn from the feedback.


All home seller and home buyer names and addresses are confidentially held in a secured site and will not be disclosed, distributed, duplicated or sold to anyone. The use of these names is limited to this survey process. Quality Service Certification, Inc. shall exercise reasonable care and judgment in storing such data.